This is a license agreement between you and GraphicMama that explains how you can use our products under the GraphicMama licenses. By downloading content from GraphicMama, you accept the terms of this agreement.


Standard License
All our graphics come with a Standard License by default. The Standard License allows you to use the graphic multiple times, in multiple projects. There is no expiration or end date of your rights to use the graphic, however, you do not have exclusive rights over it either, as anyone may purchase the same graphic and use it in his/her design projects.

Examples of use:

  • Marketing purposes ( promotional video, banners .. etc )
  • Website design
  • Print and Package designs
  • Educational and Presentational purposes

Physical Product for Resale License
In case you wish to sell physical products featuring GraphicMama's graphics, you need our Physical Product for Resale License

Example of use:

  • You can buy a graphic, use it to design a t-shirt, coffee mug or any other merchandise materials, and sell it
  • Use our graphics in a design of book/magazine cover for a paperback copy and sell it.

Team License
If you wish to share the content of your account within your team, you need to purchase a Team License. The Team License allows access to our graphics by unlimited number of people, on unlimited number of computers within your organization, simultaneously.

Example of use:

  • You may store our graphics us on a shared drive, so all your colleagues can access them.
  • You are allowed to use our watermarked graphics as comp graphics (e.g. to show a project in progress to a client), but it is strictly forbidden to remove the watermarks from the GraphicMama products and use them in finished projects.
  • No Unlawful Use - You may not use our graphics in a pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful manner;
  • No Standalone File Use - you are not allowed to offer just the file you purchased from us, separated from the product you are using it for;
  • No Use in Trademark or Logo - you are not allowed to use our illustrated vector graphics as part of trademarks and logos;
  • No False Representation of Authorship - You may not falsely represent that you are the original creator of a work that is made up largely of licensed content. For instance, you cannot create a painting based solely on licensed content and claim that you are the author;
  • No Products for Resale - Unless you purchase an Extended License, you can't sell physical products featuring our graphics.
  • No Electronic Templates - You can not sell digital templates featuring our illustrated graphic vectors for digital (website templates, email templates, etc) or physical (i.e. flyers) products under any of our Licenses.
  • On Demand and Create Yourself - You can not use our graphics in the galleries of automated image building systems (avatar builders, website template builders, flyers template builders, etc).
  • GraphicMama owns the licensed content and you are granted rights to use it in your work;
  • Attribution - you are not required to credit us in your work